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Opening A Door To Cuba’s Street Art

In our travels to Cuba, it was wonderful to see the ’Street Art’.

Being able to access such fantastic art was amazing. The more we saw the more we kept looking out for more.

If you are looking at ‘Street Art’, you cannot help yourself admiring the skills of the artists, and thinking to yourself, that it’s an amazing thing to have achieved, and appreciating how unbelievably difficult producing the ‘Street Art’ would have been, especially in the situations and locations that you find the ‘Street Art’.


The artwork that is displayed in Cuba’s streets on the walls is amazing

.IMG_2447_Cuba Street Art


……… It is difficult to see how else you could brighten up some of the more socially deprived and extremely difficult living environments, especially within Cuba’s challenging areas of poverty and decaying property. ………


Cuba’s street artists are determined to succeed in keeping ‘Street Art’ alive

IMG_2292_Cuba Street Art



‘Street Art’ in Cuba is still ‘alive and well’ and somehow wonderfully proud in it’s context. The ‘Street Art’ gives us viewers a sense of wonder, and the feeling of simple appreciation that it evokes within you is just great, and both past and present art is represented well.




The dangers to Cuba’s ‘Street Art’

With the state of some buildings being so very decayed and poor, the fantastic street art is being lost to buildings collapsing, or being boarded up to prevent further building structures collapsing, or the walls and buildings are simply being demolished completely.

The ‘Street Art’ that is recognised by the establishment hopefully will be spared the fate of being destroyed,  but there is no guarantee at this time.


IMG_2207_Cuba Street Art

The unsung heroes of Cuba’s ‘Street Art’

As important, is getting help to the unsung heroes of Cuban ‘Street Art’, who suffer a lack of support, exposure and the real danger of some of the decaying infrastructure being torn down, which would dramatically reduce their ‘Street Art’.

There is a need to help Cuban ‘Street Artists’ to flourish, and help celebrate with them their fantastic array of ‘Street Art’ and images.

Just think about what wonderful ‘Street Art’ that potentially could be lost in the coming days, weeks and or years.


It is time to enjoy Cuba’s ‘Street Art’ before it is too late!



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