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A Natural Eye For How People Express And Move

Lasitha Leelasena’s photography can only be described as his innate ability to capture the wonder of that split second within a beautiful moment or feeling, capturing the characteristics that feature the personalities of people whether as stills, or whether in motion during movement such as dance. He captures the human personality and elements of the persons energy, which is both warming and amazing.


Lasitha is a talented and gifted individual with a love of photography, who as an instinct to see the shot, that tells the story from the subjects point of view. Lasitha’s photography has a beautiful way of telling their stories without words.


It is this ability to tell a story through pictures that separates Lasitha Leelasena’s photography from many other photographers, it is his unique ability to tell the story that he sees and feels, but he does not make it only about a technical photo, but about a photo that conveys true meaning for both the viewer and the subject.







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