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Entertainment From The Heart Of Marylebone

The Marylebone Summer Fayre is a wonderful, gentle, nice, environment. You feel like you are in a very warm homely village, clean, no hassle and very pleasant.

The people behind the scenes who have made this possible are incredibly nice individuals, who have placed their core values at the centre of everything, which means that the foundation of the Marylebone Summer Fayre comes from a good place, you feel this permeate and manifested throughout the Fayre.

The history of the Marylebone Summer Fayre is both an inspiring one and has good principles that we can all adopt, thanks to those who began it.

It started with just a few individuals over 12 years ago, and the team has had to be patient in the way that it developed and how it was moved forward.

It was the very sensible and collaborative approach of the creators of the Marylebone Summer Fayre that has made it the success it is today. The creators took a balanced approach of residential and commercial needs, and understood how to be supportive, while still regenerating and enhancing the area from a commercial, public relations and tourism stance, plus also maintaining it as a local place of interest for its residents.

This was not possible without individuals of good integrity, flexibility, open mindedness, vision, and ability to project manage and get the job done. It also took great partnerships with residents in the area, companies in the area and individual service suppliers, who all wanted to see Marylebone at its best, and have customers purchase its internal services, while still attracting external customers to the area and providing a very enjoyable and vibrant location for all to enjoy.

This could not happen without someone at the top with heart, faith, and conviction in their understanding of the complexities that surrounds such a huge undertaking like the Marylebone Summer Fayre.

So I take my hat off to the ‘Creative Director’ of this modern fayre Jenny Hancock of Howard D Walden Estates Limited. She started the Marylebone Summer Fayre and has done a wonderful job over the years, which is much appreciated by those who have attended like myself.

The Marylebone Summer Fayre is one of the nicest and enjoyable city gatherings, it is not pretentious, or in your face, it is vibrant and calming, in a quality way.

It is time that you experience the Marylebone Summer Fayre.

The Marylebone Summer Fayre is definitely one event that you should put in your diary.


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